laser cut case design using Makercase & freecad

As described here, i use a laser cut machine to design case for various electronic project, the blueprint are created from scratch using Freecad and it take a lot of time for the first box, less for the second one if the parametric data are correctly defined (i’m not a mechanical engineer 🙂 )

now i define the overall box using the website (created by jon hollander) to define the overall case and then export it (svg format) to be modified by CAD tool (qcad & freecad)

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Mini H 250, work in progress

petit H pour du FPV en accrobatique , pour l’instant 250gr sur la balance, réalisé avec les moyens du fablab Orléanais

– bras en sapin épicéa , support moteur en MDF la structure en contre plaqué 5mm
– kit FPV5.8Ghz
– les moteurs sont des BE1806 esc simonk 12A , hélice 5×3
– controleur naze32

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esp8266 flashing with nodemcu firmware (linux debian testing)

flashing the ESP-01 using node MCU

i use this thread

kadamski « lead the way »

download esp open sdk

first clone the esp open sdk and compile it standalone (take a while), without root because i have access to this
cd /opt/Espressif/nodemcu
git clone
cd /opt/Espressif/nodemcu/esp-open-sdk
take a coffee 🙂 after that modify your path env variable
export PATH=/opt/Espressif/nodemcu/esp-open-sdk/xtensa-lx106-elf/bin:$PATH
after that download nodemcu
cd /opt/Espressif/nodemcu/nodemcu-firmware
git clone

compile nodemcu

compile  nodemcu using the compiler
cd /opt/Espressif/nodemcu/nodemcu-firmware

upload nodemcu to the ESP-01

prepare the firmware and download it
cd /opt/Espressif/nodemcu/nodemcu-firmware elf2image app/.output/eagle/debug/image/ write_flash 0x00000 app/.output/eagle/debug/image/ 0x10000 app/.output/eagle/debug/image/
connect minicom to the card (9600baud 8N1) and then reboot the ESP , if its ok you will see that prompt
>NodeMCU 0.9.5 build 20150213 powered by Lua 5.1.4
lua: cannot open init.lua

upload init.lua file

works very well

ESP8266 first connection


i’ve bought an ESP8266 module on ebay for less than 4€ few month ago,
a good description of the chip is avalaible here : and a procedure to update the firmware
the SDK is now available on linux see

the page explain each AT command in detail

first connection

the chip only accept 3.3V so i use a PC power supply (i still waiting for an MB102 power supply module) and a 3.3V serial / USB converter pl2303 from prolific
and the photo below describe my connection

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ESP8266 update


software :

hardware :

  • turn off the esp8266 module
  • connect the esp8266 to the linux PC using serial / usab cable (as explained before)
  • additionnaly , connection GPIO0 to GND, connected during update onlys

so the connection will be :

Serial converter ESP8266 POWER SUPPLY
TX (out) URXD
RX (in) UTXD
VCC 3.3V
CH_PD 3.3V

update process

type the folowing command inside a the terminal , into directory used to uncompress the files DON’T PRESS ENTER :
python --port /dev/ttyUSB0 write_flash 0x00000 firmware0950.bin 
NOTA : firmware0950.bin was the name after space removal
after that power on you ESP8266 then press ENTER, after few seconds the message below shall appear :
Erasing flash...
Writing at 0x0007ec00... (100 %)
the progress is indicated and the prompt shall appear
power of the ESP8266 module and remove the connection between GPIO0 and GND

reboot and check version

NOTA : after upgrade , you shall modify your serial line speed to 9600baud, t
after reboot, check the version using AT+GMR command :
compiled @ Dec 25 2014 21:40:28
AI-THINKER Dec 25 2014
that’s all !

ESP8266 WIFI chips and modules arrived



Recently we blogged about the new ultra low cost UART to WIFI modules based on ESP8266 ICs. Today the WIFI modules and sample chips arrived so we can finally test them.

The low cost $5 modules focused the interest of many people. We already have translated datasheet, forum and some people even started write code for Arduino without having these modules at all 🙂

One problem I see is that there are no official schematic with components with values nor reference design. We are going to change this as we already got 3 different modules and the components around ESP8266 are not so many, so we will capture the schematic and make reference PCB layout in the next few days. 




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