Home automation (arduino software)

here is a page dedicated to home automation using jeedom / esp01 and arduino software





ESP8266 WIFI chips and modules arrived



Recently we blogged about the new ultra low cost UART to WIFI modules based on ESP8266 ICs. Today the WIFI modules and sample chips arrived so we can finally test them.

The low cost $5 modules focused the interest of many people. We already have translated datasheet, forum and some people even started write code for Arduino without having these modules at all 🙂

One problem I see is that there are no official schematic with components with values nor reference design. We are going to change this as we already got 3 different modules and the components around ESP8266 are not so many, so we will capture the schematic and make reference PCB layout in the next few days.





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QuadCopter First static test

The QuadCopter is almost finished, the wiring and shall be modified to avoid interference with the propellers and i shall install a protection on the microwii card.
The BlueTooth telemetry works sometimes 🙂 it will be sufficient for test and tuning, the static test show that the motor and propellers are very noisy ,
now next step , outdoor flight !