laser cut case design using Makercase & freecad

As described here, i use a laser cut machine to design case for various electronic project, the blueprint are created from scratch using Freecad and it take a lot of time for the first box, less for the second one if the parametric data are correctly defined (i’m not a mechanical engineer 🙂 )

now i define the overall box using the website (created by jon hollander) to define the overall case and then export it (svg format) to be modified by CAD tool (qcad & freecad)

the direct import to freecad is a problem because the unit cannot be set before import, so i use qcad set the unit as mm and save as dxf

then import the datas using freecad (import –> select svg as geometry)

you should obtain this kind of screen freecad1

one poly line is created by face but no face,

you can do this in DRAFT mode , select a imported polyline and « upgrade  » up arrow in the upper ribbon of the freecad interface


the result (face) is shown below



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