ESP8266 update


software :

hardware :

  • turn off the esp8266 module
  • connect the esp8266 to the linux PC using serial / usab cable (as explained before)
  • additionnaly , connection GPIO0 to GND, connected during update onlys

so the connection will be :

Serial converter ESP8266 POWER SUPPLY
TX (out) URXD
RX (in) UTXD
VCC 3.3V
CH_PD 3.3V

update process

type the folowing command inside a the terminal , into directory used to uncompress the files DON’T PRESS ENTER :
python --port /dev/ttyUSB0 write_flash 0x00000 firmware0950.bin 
NOTA : firmware0950.bin was the name after space removal
after that power on you ESP8266 then press ENTER, after few seconds the message below shall appear :
Erasing flash...
Writing at 0x0007ec00... (100 %)
the progress is indicated and the prompt shall appear
power of the ESP8266 module and remove the connection between GPIO0 and GND

reboot and check version

NOTA : after upgrade , you shall modify your serial line speed to 9600baud, t
after reboot, check the version using AT+GMR command :
compiled @ Dec 25 2014 21:40:28
AI-THINKER Dec 25 2014
that’s all !

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